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Sandy Weekend Plan


I need to visit my hometown this weekend, the weather is beautiful and since my family lives close to Baltic Sea my weekend, at least Saturday, will look like this :)



And my reading plan is to finish Dark Water by Tricia Rayburn (ya romance mystery) and start Requiem dla wilka by Maria Nurowska, continuation of Nakarmic wilki by Maria Nurowska which I absolutely loved! 


My bags are packed but not only with swimming suit and flip flops but also books. I'm taking several titles for my mum (I must have taken affection to books after her :) ). She even texted me yesterday  Remember to take some books you think I should read with you.  

:-) I was truly touched!


I'm also hoping to encourage her to start writing on BookLikes :-) She has shelves packed with books so I bet she would have a lot of titles to recommend. Fingers crossed ;-)