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Grab your life!

Story for a Friend: Translated by Maya Peretz - Halina Poświatowska

This is one of my favorite books. It tells a story of Polish writer, a poet who suffers from severe heart disease. In spite of many difficulties and drawbacks of her health condition, she remains vivid, full of life, brave and adventures young woman. She decides to go to US to have an extremely difficult surgery, but then she decides to stay longer to learn, study on the university, fall in love. Well, the surgery didn't help much but she still had more life in her vains than some of us have today. 


It's a kind of book that opens your eyes and let you enjoy your own life - because in fact we have nothing to complain about. Great story of life stuggle, eagerness to live, feel happy, fulfilled and bravery. My life perspective changed after reading this book. Unfortunately, I'm "a short distance runner" so it didn't last long... 

But Story for a friend still remains as one of the best autobiographical books and my Favorite on my bookshelf.