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Bookish Insanity - sounds familiar? ;)

The House of Paper - Carlos Maria Dominguez

Very nice short read indeed. Although there were some slower places, I liked the book. Well, the idea is just brilliant.

The book tells the story of people who are in love with books (sounds familiar? ;) ) but this love has no boundaries or limits. Readers devote their lives for book categorization, they change their living space, they create special rooms and special conditions for book collections. And that wouldn't be so weird. 

But one avid reader decided to treat book as his life companions. He ate with them (a book had its own a plate and a glass of wine...), sleep with them (he created a person made of books on his bed) , finally he decided to build a house made of books (books were used instead of bricks). 

The story shows that each passion or maybe obsession can be dangerous - it can lead us to insanity or even death - the book starts with a fatal accident of Ms. Bluma who was hit by the car while passionate reading one of the classics. So all book lovers be careful !! ;) 

The book is quite short but it has a strong load of info and emotions. It's quite an art to create a nice complete book on not so many pages. Nowadays writers seem to like writing "bookish spaghetti". "The Paper house" is a delicious, nice, tasty, full "one-palate dish".