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Why Virtual Bookshelf is Better than Prozac ;) (Case Study)

I was just wondering: how virtual bookshelf is different from a regular home based bookcase? And is it? And suddenly I got this blast - it’s simply therapeutic and makes me calm.

That sounds vague. Well let’s put it in some points:


I am a messy person... Those things of mine simply cannot stay in one place! They are traveling, visiting, hiding, running away, gathering dust and laughing at me. And my books aren’t better! Huge pile of them is overwhelming, intimidating and always unorganized.
Virtual bookshelf means order. I didn’t acquire this useful trait of orderness but I appreciate order (made by others ;) ). And in the virtual world I can always find this very book I’m looking for. That’s great!

I tend to be a snail. Meaning that I hide in my shell and defence with my hands, nails, legs, teeth from getting out. Talking to myself isn’t so interesting anymore and my cat is rather a sleepy head than talk-to-me head :) And reading isn’t a very social activity. But virtual world made it social!
Virtual bookshelf means social activity. I can easily share my reads, reviews and opinions on a mini blog  and get to know what other people read. I’m not longer stuck in my armchair with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. I can read, speak and shout and others will hear me. Poor you ;)

I am a gatherer and multibook reader. Long story short: I’m a book-shopaholic and I simply need to have this very book right now even if I don’t have time to read it. What’s more  I read many books at the same time. There’s a different book by may bedside, different in my bag (even several), different in my cell, different in my car and in my bathroom. And sometimes I get confused what I’m reading now and where I’ve finished.
Virtual bookshelf means visible book status what is great to harness my bookish mess and to rule the books. As sometimes they tend to take control over me...

POINT FOUR: More books
Readers always want more. Books, of course. But how to find them? I’m having this problem from some time - finding a good book isn’t so easy. Bookstores promote books they want to sell and have profit and judging books by their covers isn’t always a good way. 
Virtual bookshelf means boor recommendations and more bookshelves of other avid readers. It’s great that by compilation of those three points mentioned above the virtual bookshelf makes an outstanding and maybe the most important point of making the book search easier.

And this is why virtual bookshelf makes me calm and happy. 
No Prozac needed.
Yet :)

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