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Hungry? I've already finished

I cannot imagine reviewing The Hunger Games series separately. Well, I could but for me they have the biggest sense when considered as one story where one book changes smoothly into another. I suppose it’s because I’ve read them like that, without long breaks. They made me curious enough to grab another publication and that’s how I finished the whole series.

There was a lot of talking about these books so I suppose all world knows what they are about. Unlike many (since what I’ve read) I much more preferred the last part and least the first one. I guess I could find some change of spirit to more mature and aggressive. The book series still is in YA category but it's far from being childish and it’s  well written. The plot idea was original and interesting (not now, though, as we can see many plot pseudo-copycats). Books represent a story which you want to know how will finish - I suppose it's a big asset. 


But there were some points that they lacked, like some political and historical background or deeper social overview, or more psychological influences of dystopian world on characters. However, I understand that that was not the issue or the subject of the story.

Long story short: I enjoyed the book series and each book separately but they did not evoke some explosive emotions. They were nice reads but won’t become my favorites. However, I would recommend the series that’s why the whole series deserved 4 out of 5 stars.