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Slow Man - Slow Book

Slow Man - J.M. Coetzee

Well, the titles says it all. 

Main character, Paul Rayments age 60 is a very active man, a photographer, untill he suffers from bicycle accident and needs to have a leg amputated. It's obvious that his life will never be the same... So I really thought that this story about and enderly man who needs to accept inevitable changes and upcoming obstacles and to examine himself and his life is interesting and the topic could be profound, elegant, serious and comprehensive. 


Unfortuantely, I was so disappointed. After Disgrace which I love I had huge expectations. But as I moved towards the middle and then end of the book I realized that I have no idea what the book is about, where it's going and what its purpose is. I'm not sure wheter I lost it or the author itself (I'm sorry Mr. Coetzee). What's more I really did not enjoy the character of Elizabeth Costello, why she appeard is still a mistery for me (I've read somewhere that she's author's literary aler ego - once again sorry Mr. Coetzee).


Although it wasn't a breathtaking book, it's quite a fast reader and very well written (he is a Noble Prize winner after all). But my general reaction wasn't very positive. Happily it wasn't the first Coetzee's book that I've read so I know what a brilliant author he is.