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Bel Canto (P.S.)

Bel Canto - Ann Patchett ***Bitter-Sweet Swan Song The story starts in a classical way for thriller/mystery/romance book. During the party in the fictional south American country the terrorists strike with an attempt to kidnap the president who they believe is present at the party. The president is absent as he's chosen his fav tv soup opera instead of lavish ceremony. From now on the game begins. Terrorists cannot leave with empty hands. All party guest are hostages, the situation is dangerous, unpredictable and unstable. What happens next? Some may call it a Stockholm syndrome as between hostages and kidnappers arose close, sometimes even intimate bonds. The cross cultural boundaries don't vanish but are less obvious and visible, the relationships between kidnapped are closer and closer. Some find love and affection, some discover their life goal and some play chess. Well, no one expects the upcoming events that will ruin the illusive calmness and the feeling of safety. This book is a precedence for me, slow at the beginning, picks up speed with every page. It combines the thriller/mystery genre with contemporary romance and the author does it skillfully and with taste. Contemporary romance at the beginning changes into real page turner leaving an excellent flavor of good literature.