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The Death List

The Death List - Paul Johnston No 1. I couldn't put it down! When you start reading it you're not able to stop. Great crime story about an author whose glory passed away. He suffers from writer's block and then a mystery creative rescuer appears with a ready to-be-bestseller book idea !! The main character picks up the gauntlet, however, he isn't conscious of the dangerous game he agrees to take part in. It turns out that the mysterious-author book is based on a true story. That's not all, it's a real-life-ongoing-true-story, real-time rel thriller. People killed in the book appears to be murdered!!! Now our writer has more difficult task to do, he has to write a book but also find a mad psychopath who threatens his family, friends and enemies! When main character's enemies start to die in suspicious way who do u think is suspected? Fast-paced, surprising, good book. I truly recommend it !!