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My Friend Leonard

My Friend Leonard - James Frey Frey is an exceptional and original writer. The construction of this book is quite unique as well as the characters. We meet the main character James in the prison where he, the former addict, founds a friend, an elderly man, Leonard. The two men creates incredible bond that cannot be compared to any of the kind. It is more friend-to-friend relationship although Leonard asks James for a permission to treat him as son. And he does that. He helps James after he leaves prison, offers a job (not so legal because after some time we learn that Leonard is not a normal working man but a member of some mafia organization), helps to find house, brings food (he enters without a key-that's a hint to his profession). This relationship is truly original. We learn more and more about main character and his life, his newly met love, parents, job in Hollywood and some disappointments connected with that and some future plans. Well, we learn even more about his emotions, tryings to stay sober, how to deal with a loss of a father and a friend. Very nice and compelling book. Is it a biography ? Some rumors says "yes" while others say "no". We can call that a sort of open-ending book. Each reader can figure out that by him/herself.