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Weeping Susannah (English and Hebrew Edition)

Weeping Susannah (English and Hebrew Edition) - Alona Kimhi ***Living On "The Susannah Planet" Susannah is a woman. Susannah is shy and full of fears. She lives with her mother, she's dependent on her. She's not washing herself by herself, she won't eat in front of the stranger. Susannah has her own world. She lives on her own planet. Susannah suffers from lack, lack of father, lack of confidence, lack of people around, lack of self. But one day she stops lacking love. When she meets a handsome man towards whom she feels some affection something changes. But is it permanent? This psychological side of the novel it's not the only interesting layer. The author comes from Israel- the story is set in the same place but the world presented in the novel is rather universal. The setting and the emotions can be experienced by anyone. This universality can be both an asset and a flaw. On one hand we can put ourselves in the main character's shoes but on the other hand maybe a reader would like to try a new pair of shoes. Something unusual and less comfy.