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A Clash of Kings (HBO Tie-in Edition): A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Two

A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin ***Crush on Martin's Kings I was wary and suspicious towards the first part of the series but it appeared to be a totally different case with the second book that I had to grab and swallow (not read) in one piece and not to omit any tasty detail. Surprising for me as I've never considered myself as a fantasy fan ("fantasy? dragons, witches?- no thank you") but apparently that's the past. A Clash Of Kings captures, holds you tight and won't let go. I've totally immersed in Martin's world beginning from fable-like fields and cities to battle pictures and tangled intrigues-full net. Characters who I love and hate depending what page I'm on are amazingly good - I mean well created and thought over. They are consistent and make a nice whole through the parts though quite complex one. No one seems to be looked over, allowing all heroes to develop in the chapters and in my imagination. Two "buts" - and maybe the first one results from my "non-fantasy-reading-past-experience" - this "Lady in Red", shadows born were quite weak for me. It just didn't meet my expectations although I can't say it wasn't surprising - so maybe that was the goal. Second "but" is about Daenerys - I loved this plot in the first part but here I was feeling hunger all the time and definite insufficiency of the story. But the whole picture very positive! Let's see how it gonna be with the third part :)