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Police Story with Family Background

The 37th Hour (Sarah Pribek #1) - Jodi Compton

Jodi Compton’s 37th Hour is her literary debut. Sarah Pribek, a policewoman, married to Michael Shiloh (also working in the police) is put in unexpected situation when she realizes that her husband is missing. She deals with missing cases so she knows all about procedures and time limit - it is said that it is nearly impossible to track down a missing person after 36 hours. This ‘window’ has shrinked fast as Sara had stayed all day with her friend who lost a daughter child in brutal rape attack. After coming back home, Sarah was full of hopes to make it on time to see his husband off on the plane (Mike was supposed to be leaving for FBI training). How surprised she was when she discovered that he’s no longer home and even more when she found (after couple of hours) his neatly packed bag under their bed and learned that he didn’t make it to the training. Sarah starts unofficial investigation and digging in her husband’s past. Is his family with some secrets involved in this strange situation?

Tempted by promising cover overview I expected fast paced novel, full of suspense and action but the general feeling is a little bit disappointing. The books started as a police story with interesting mystery and intriguing characters but then changed into more small ‘family saga’, especially in the middle section. Characters could be really engaging but there’s too much background that slows down the pace and somehow mixes genres. The narration, which is led in first person was a forecast of emotional story but it somehow turned out to be UNemotional. The book resembles the up side down short story where slow beginning and middle turns into unexpected but very short ending.

The book was a fast reader and the author had some idea for the story. However, in some part it didn't work for me.