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Bookmobiles - Libraries On Wheels

BookmobileSo did you know that something like bookmobile exist?


Today we’re used that we can carry our library wherever we go, thanks to virtual bookshelves we’ve got all books at our fingertips. How would you like the idea of mobile libraries that bring books to you? But not in virtual formats but real ones :)

Bookmobiles are vehicles which first occurred in mid XIX century in Britain, early XX century in USA and in 1960s in Poland (bibiobus, bibliowóz). And they are still on the road! During those times bookmobiles have changed from horse-drawn vans to spacious and modern buses but the idea has stayed the same: to popularize books and reading and let more people discover new books. So maybe bookmobiles and BookLikes isn’t so different anyway? ;)

Bookmobiles still aime at places without library service and to people having problems to access bookish places on their own and offer book loan for everyone. But it's also great fun:) Moders bookmobiles are beautifully designed with chairs and tables, they carry books in all formats and magazines and are places of social meetings of book lovers. Have you seen them hitting the road?


Mobile librariesBookmobile 



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