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Bookshelf Standard Lost and Found - Rearranging home-based Bookcase

As I mentioned some time ago (if you still remember, I know it was several weeks ago) I wanted to rearranged my home based library. I was choosing from seven solutions that I've picked for possible usage:


Human bookshelf1. Rainbow Shelves - nice to watch

2. Alphabetical library standard - good to find

3. Literary genres - literary order

4. Book sizes - neat and steady

5. Publishing houses - 'family' order

6. Random - oh well, let it be here

7. Human bookshelf ;-)


So I started my project for serious. I've finished it in March as I previously planned but somehow lacked time to show off my outcome till now. So let's start and be honest.


I was defeated. All six solutions weren't for me.


When I cleared my shelves, put all books on my sofa, cleaned them from dust and started rearrangement I understood that none of the above solution is accurate for me. Let's be honest (as I promised) I'm a little messy person and quasi ordered bookcase wouldn't change that. Well arranged bookshelf wouldn't really represent me.


My motivation was big but it appeared that I discovered other solution which origins from ... my virtual bookshelf. How I could not think of it previously?


So I started from the beginning. And then it was obvious! I had to put my books on "Read" shelf, "Planning to read" shelf and "Currently reading" shelf - sounds familiar? I did as I thoughts. Additionally I created thematic shelves as well for: languages, reference, work and hobby.


Maybe it doesn't look great like 'rainbow bookcase' nor neat like size order and alphabetical list but for me it's lucid. And what's most important - it's mine.


Found my bookshelf standard which looks something like this: