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Will book become an e-reader that doesn't work?


I came across very interesting text on how our brain reads on paper and on screen, which works better for our understanding and memory and will it change with digital natives (great expression!). Read the article here.


I must say that although I am the owner of e-reader and use both paper and e-books in my daily routine, I still go for paper books when I read academic works or some other that require more attention and concentration. This also concerns texts that I need to refer to. I even print out articles or texts that I'll be using later in my writing rather than only bookmarking sites on my PC. I work better with paper and the physical aspect of reading and book itself is still important for me. 


I think I use e-reader for fun not for learning (O, I made a quite a confession here). But at the same time I am not a digital native. Don't perceive as such. My childhood was full of paper, I got mobile in high school, bought my first Kindle really recently. Pile of books are still high.


I assume that children of XXI century will have totally different memories, experiences but also expectations. And I think they will actually think that a book is an e-reader that doesn't work.