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My first culinary novel tasted so so

The Kitchen Daughter - Jael McHenry

After unexpected death of her parents, Ginny needs to take control of her life and herself. It doesn’t come easy due to her ‘personality’ as she calls it. Having Asperger syndrome Ginny finds comfort is unusual places still living in her parents’ house, for example dark closet (and keeping hands in her parent’s shoes). But there is one more place where she feels safe. Kitchen.


Ginny is a master chef and kitchen is her heaven on earth as she finds peace cooking from her family recipes. Until she realizes that preparing food from handwritten notes brings ghost of the recipe’s author. Scared at the beginning, she is forced to confront a family secret but that leads to more problematic issues with her sister and new friend David. 


The books isn't a hit for me. It has got some nice recipes that I will try some day but the story didn't gain pace till the last 80 pages. Characters weren't so engaging as I imagined and the plot could be differently constructed. Again, family background isn't something that makes my day but the book had it's moments.


The book was "so so" but won't discourage me from grabbing another food-based novel. Any suggestions?