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Books To Help Children

Books are great as an entertainment but they can mean more than that. They can make the change. Worldreader is a global non-profit organization which fights with illiteracy in the poorest places in the world by using books and the newest technology - e-readers. One of the Polish organization collects books to set up libraries for kids in the hospitals. Books help children.



Worldreader established projects in several African places, including Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and more (check here) to help children and adults with illiteracy problem. How it helps? It donates thousands of e-readers and ebooks which are then used as school learning equipment during classes, in the libraries and in the learning centers. They share reading passion, but first of all to teach kids to read.


The e-readers are bought from donations, some writers joined, gaveaway and shared their books for free. Worldreader also partners with several big booksellers and publishers - with their help children have access to thousands of e-books from different genres.


David Risher, the head of Worldreader says: 


Here's a culture where reading has never really gotten a chance to take off because the access to books is so limited. So we make it easy for people to get access to books and we try to put books on the e-readers that are appealing to kids and interesting to teachers so that we can, over time, help people shift a little in their behavior and their mindset.


The initiative is stunning and the idea behind it very humane and humanistic. 


I only hope that this kind of actions will be more and more popular in other parts of the world too. Many kids, not from the poorest countries, lack chances, possibilities and opportunities to learn or read a standard paper book.


Every person can make the change. Let's do something locally, as a start. Are you in?


I'll be taking part in a project set up by Zaczytani in my country. The idea is to donate books and to help to create libraries for children staying in the hospitals. So simple and can change so much. 


You can read more here:

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Worldreaders webpage: http://www.worldreader.org 

Zaczytani: http://zaczytani.org (in Polish)