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9 everyday things that help me read


1. Bag

I always have a book by my side. My bag doesn't need to be huge to fit in my Kindle. But telling the truth, book size doesn't matter, I can even take extra bag to carry a book with me. Sometimes I carry a book but have no occasion to open it. However, I feel comfortable that I can. Every time I left book at home, some reading-occasion happened so now I'm not moving without it.


2. Ads

I like watching movies and series but the commercial time is ridiculous!  Ads tend to be 15-20 minutes long in the prime time. Then I end up with a book in my hand. Sometimes, though, the book is so gripping that I cannot go back to the movie.


3. Traffic jam

There's always time for a chapter or two in a car. Traffic jam, red light, parking lot, when collecting somebody from the station. Not to mention travelling as a passenger. But that's kind of obvious. 


4. Plane and train

This collocates with the point above but it's really important for me to have a read when I'm travelling by plane or train. I cannot imagine going anywhere without at least one book.


5. Washing machine

This may sounds silly but sometimes I read next to my washing machine waiting for the program to end.


6. Kettle 

I hate waiting, even if it's for boiling water. Then I grab a book and wait until I hear  a whistle. 


7. Saturday morning

I read on Saturday mornings when my partner is at work. The afternoons belong to him.


8. Computer games and PS3 

My partner is a gamer. When he's in the virtual world, I'm in the literary. Everyone's happy. 


9. Queue

I don't mind standing in the queue while shopping or waiting in the clinic. The only con is that sometimes I don't hear or notice that it's my turn.