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Number One

Numbers: Book 1 - Rachel Ward

After last disappointment with ya Evermore I decided to give one more shot to this genre and have chosen Rachel Ward’s Numbers. Wow, what a relief! The book wasn’t a waste of time.


Jem isn’t just an ordinary teen (as it usually happens in ya books) - she sees dates of people’s death every time she looks into somebody’s eyes. She realized what the dates in her head ment when her mother died of drug abuse - date of death was a date in her head. This gift and rather a curse makes her life miserable and lonely. One day she meets “Spider”, a boy with ADHD-like energy, nearly 2 meter tall and his grandma who possess some kind of gift as well. Jem and Spider start hanging out together, innocent from the beginning changes into dangerous plot of unexpected events.


And all strats from terrorists’ attack on London’s Eye and 2 mysterious kids visible on cameras who run away from from the spot just a minute before bombing. Are they responsible for the bombing? Are they just witnesses? Well, teens (not so innocent) decide that the only way to save their skins is an escape. And so they hit the road with stolen car and money. The journey is tough and emotional. Especially for Jem - every time she looks into Spider’s eyes she sees his date, and the final day for him will come just in several days. Can there be done anything or our fate is known from the time we're born?

The book is a real fast reader from first pages. Narrator sounds reliable from first words and the story sucks you in from first chapter. Great read with engaging characters and original plot. I highly recommend it :-)