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40 Weeks on 40 Pages - A Book With a Pregnancy Belly


No, I am not pregnant but this is very first time I see something like this and had to share. 


This is the "Bell-Net Mother Book" created by Japanese (boy, they are creative) medical service network presenting 40 weeks of pregnancy on 40 pages printed in 3D.


The book grows (literally) with future mother's belly and is a sort of pregnancy diary: the left side is empty and ready for mum's notes and the right side shows what's happening to woman's body from week to week. 


I must say that this publication looks very neat and elegant. Graphics are subtle and delicate with nice design. I can imagine that this is just different representation of mum-to be, see-what-to-expect-while-expecting books. 


I'm not mum so it's hard for me to evaluate. Dear mums out there, would you like to have Mother Book like this? 


Some of the weeks look like this:


Source: http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/2014/bell-net-mother-book-design-for-growing-babies