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Number Two

The Chaos  - Rachel Ward

Can we change our fate? Is our own future far beyond reach? How to live knowing exact date of your death and ones you care for?


Adam just like his mum sees dates of death when he looks into other people’s eyes. But now majority of Londoners have the same number. Is it the prophecy of apocalypse? Sara thinks so. Sara is a teen with scary visionary dreams of a boy in a city all in fire and collapsing buildings. The two meets. But Sara who is convinced that it is Adam who is responsible for upcoming catastrophe decides to run away. She has someone to protect - her child. Pregnant after being sexually abused by her father she is left alone in life-death struggle. Adam and Sara try to keep away from each other but fate brings them close together. They decide to change the future and fight for ones they love. But is it possible?

The Chaos is a sequel of Rachel Ward's Numbers (review) and Adam is a son of Jem - Numbers’s main character. The second part is a continuation and extension of ideas from part one. The story is still fast but not tangled, the reader can identify with main characters and easily agrees to take part in this journey. However, in some parts the reader may have impression that the story is extended too much. The reading might get slower towards the end but not because of a dull plot but the thought that there's too much of everything. In my opinion action and tension should be more balanced and repetitions limited to get better effect. 


This part has different construction than the first installment. The narration is still in first person but the story is told by Adam and Sara (chapters and narration changes in turns). Althought it was inconsistent with the first book where the story was presented only by one main protagonist (Jem), two perspectives of the same story is a good idea  for story and makes the plot more engaging.


What's more the writing style of this writer is very accurate for main characters, their background and reality they are living in and the author can get to many young readers thanks to that ability. Althought the second part wasn't so surprising as the previous book (aset of first parts, I suppose) but it's still good and fast reader from YA section.