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Technology vs Humans War in High Tech World

Robopocalypse: A Novel (Vintage Contemporaries) - Daniel H. Wilson

Artificial intelligence sets free and gathers army, army of robots. Robots who (can we think of a robot as of human?) have decided to take control over the world and eliminate bugs, meaning us humans. And so we observe life and death struggle of humanity and technology from several perspectives and in various places. The goal in the same: to stay alive to be human and prove that humanity isn’t vulnerability.

Sounds lite futurology? In today’s high tech world maybe the author isn’s so far with this concept? The books is quite an adventure with nicely led plot (fasted paced), diverse characters and actions undertaken by them. I enjoyed the fact that story wasn’t just limited to one place and one hero fighting robot uprising. The journal-like writing made the whole story very accessible for the reader who actually identifies with main characters, believes them and starts being afraid of a microwave ;-)

I’ve recently came across info of adaptation being made and I’m really looking forward to Steven Spielbierg’s movie. I assume it won’t beat the book (books are always better than adaptations, right?) but I’m quite curious of the outcome.