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Should You Write a Book?


Guy Kawasaki, acclaimed author and mentor, introduces four good reasons why your should write a book and two wrong ones. 


Good ones: Enrich lives, Intellectual Challenge, Further a Cause, Catharsis.

Bad ones: Popular Demand, Money. 


I can only assume that during writing time all those goals can appear and disappear and you need a lot of maturity to focus only on good ones. I can only assume that writing process is long lasting, demanding and can be quite lonely. I can only assume that I would be very afraid of not meeting my own expectations, and others of course. I can only assume that I would be pissed off that others perceive my 'beautiful baby' as something ugly. I would simply die!


The fifth reason why it's worth writing a book was hidden in the summary: We still encourage you to do it because it is one of the most rewarding experiences in life...

Sounds promising, motivating and encouraging. Sounds like a good plan and life fulfillment.

And then he finishes the sentence: ...but few things worth doing are easy.


You need to have quite a courage to write, publish a book and then embrace all what's going on around the topic. And not to doubt. To push forward. Not to give up.


That's why I would like to say "Chapeau bas!" to all authors who believe in themselves and in their works. You have bravery that maybe some day I will find in myself. Thank you.

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