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Dark Water - Perfect Holiday Read

Dark Water: A Siren Novel - Tricia Rayburn

The last part in Sirens series met my expectations of engaging and fast read.


Vanessa is back to Winter Harbor, a place where it all stared and where it suppose to end. Her summer days are busy, she works at the restaurant with her friends, tries to sell old family cottage and redecorated new house by the sea, figures out what she feels to Simon and how to deal with it. The settings is perfect as it fits her sirenian needs (swimming in salty water, drinking salty water, breathing salty water) but as usual nothing is perfect. 


The story repeats. Bodies are found and the dates fit those from last summer murders. There is one difference though. Corps don't belong to men with happy faces but to young girls. Vanessa needs to figure out what's happening, stop it and free herself and her friends from being targets. 


The story really grabs you from the beginning. The whole series is really consistent. The novel is well written what's important as sometimes authors want to finish up the series with some force. Here everything comes natural. Family issues are resolved, the mystery occurred and drama is a final course.


I enjoyed this book, wait - the whole series - as a really decent holiday YA literature lacking childish spots. And I think it's something I liked the most. 


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