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50 Shades - Book I Haven't Read


Let me start with the statement: My name is Kate and I haven't read 50 Shades series.


You may say, you did not read it so you cannot judge. Yes, you're right. And I won't.


But reading choices are my own and somehow the all fuss around this book series and the author made me wanna stop. I didn't feel the need to read it (maybe some day some day some day) but it's very probable that I'm wrong. Maybe after reading several pages I would be totally hooked and continue reading all night. Maybe it would appear that I'm actually enjoying it. I left myself an open door. 


However, apart from being a book junkie I also love movies. And you know what, I think this movie can be either great or a total disaster. After such marketing, promotion (even before cast was chosen) it must hit the screen with big shout. I'm curious whether they will be able to and how they will handle it.


I don't want to spare my reading time for it. But I can spare 90 minutes to see what the whole craziness was about. 50 shades will probably stay the book I haven't read but watched. 


Will it be a disaster or book to movie book-or-gasm? ;-)

Movie is planned to be released in August next year. Cast for main characters is chosen. The show must go on. Still waiting for fireworks.