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this podcast lead me on my writing journey


As the fictional character Forest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get." This 1994 fact of life statement from a movie was revitalize in my mind year last year when my 2 minute oratory autobiographical story audition was selected for the Valley Voice Slam competition sponsored by New England Public Radio and the Academy of music.


I was 1 out of 10 competitors chosen for a 5 minute stand-up for the "Money, Money Money" contest held at the Northampton Brewery. I still find it hard to believe. My humorous story me and my brother working at a movie theatre and stumbling upon an envelope filled with $5,000 informed and entertain both the audience and my competitors. 


I lost, but I emerged with a desire to become a children's book writer. You see, before the performance, we were recommended by staff overseeing the event to restrain from writing down our experience and from trying to memorize it all. They said such effort could hinder the performance value. 


I didn't believe that. I was and still am, a plotter. I need to know where exactly my story was going to take me. I speak out to myself, then after some time, my thoughts goes on paper. The audience enjoyed the performance and I like to share the podcast of it with you here.


I hope you enjoy it. It's the road that lead to wanting to be a children's book writer.