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Blackwater: The Complete Saga - Michael McDowell, Matt Godfrey Haven - Greymore Publishing, Matt Godfrey, Tom Deady Nightmares and Geezenstacks - Matt Godfrey, Valancourt Books, Fredric Brown All Souls' Night - Matt Godfrey, Valancourt Books, Sir Hugh Walpole The Late Breakfasters and Other Strange Stories (Valancourt 20th Century Classics) - Philip Challinor, Robert Aickman

Interview with Matt Godfrey, (Narrator Extraordinaire!)

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I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing actor & audiobook narrator Matt Godfrey for Horror After Dark!


Have you every wondered if narrators read the book first before accepting a narration job? Have you wondered whether they just know how to pronounce everything or if they practice first? Your questions have been answered! I hope you'll take the time to check it out here.