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Deal Breaker  - Harlan Coben Promise Me - Harlan Coben Darkest Fear  - Harlan Coben The Final Detail  - Harlan Coben Fade Away  - Harlan Coben Drop Shot (Myron Bolitar) [Mass Market Paperback] - Harlan Coben (Author) One False Move: A Myron Bolitar Novel - Harlan Coben

Myron, Mickey and Win

When I enountered my first Harlan Coben's book it wasn't any from Myron Bolitar series. It didn't really matter as I swallowed the book during one sleeplless night, I think it was Tell No One or Gone for Good.


Then I discovered the whole series whith a common character of Myron Bolitar. He's former basketball player whose knee injury halted his sport caree. Then he set up agency, MP Reps, which represents sportsman and celebrities. And in his free time he saves his family, friends and strangers from being killed, kidnapped or being suspected  of killing or committing some other crimes.


Myron is handsome (according to women he enouter), witty, clever, intelligent, strong and at the same time entertaining, romantic, sensitive and caring. Brave, full of virtues and always finding a way through during life-death struggle.

This short description is very ironic and made with an eye wink ;) Telling the truth Myron Bolitar is very likable character which makes the whole series engaging and enjoyable, especially when we add his team to this thriller-adventure reading pot. I'm not sure how I gonna like this shift from Myrlon to Mickey, his nephew, who is playing leading role in Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel.


But what I really lack in Coben's books is more of Win aka Windsor Horne Lockwood III who is positive but dark character. He's full of mysteries and secret skills, like being  a holder of black degree belt in martial arts and a perfect golf player at the same time! Or a fan of meditation and a perfect silent killer. I simply adore when he saves Myron's bacon. And this his 'white-black' personality shifts are very exciting. 


So Mr. Coben - can I ask for more Win next time instead of young detective aspiring Mickey? Thanks ;)