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Don't stay still if you want to get somewhere

What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures - Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is acclaimed writer and journalist. He’s a man full of ambitions, eagerness, success and luck. Not so strange that he decided to write a book or, lets put it better, describe people alike him: intelligent, successful, ambitious and passionate.



What the Dog Saw smoothly presents leaders from different time periods and various business fields, how their career started and evolved and what matters to reach that pick. The book is divided into three parts, business case studies, examples of social issues and some theories concerning those and the last one which focus on personality and individual traits. What the Dog Saw is a fast readers, Malcolm’s adventures are smoothly written with a nice dose of wit without any trait of big success prone ego (if you know what I mean).


But if you think that this is next guide book “how to become rich and successful”, you couldn’t be more wrong. Malcolm’s adventures (as he introduces his stories) are rather road signs for those seeking fulfillment and a proof that sparkling business career is possible and can be obtained by everyone. Everyone? All presented characters have, though, some specific personality traits (some of them mentioned above) that seems to be an absolute must have to get anything in hard field of business.

What’s great about this books is its objectivity. Author doesn’t impose any theories or points of views to a reader. He simply presents different hues of the same color and leaves the picture open. There’s no one good way to climb the career ladder, there’s no one perfect business plan and there’s no one ideal theory to put in practice.

One is obvious for sure - you cannot stay still in one place if you want to get somewhere.