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A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning (Oxford Applied Linguistics)

A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning (Oxford Applied Linguistics) - Peter Skehan ***Language In Mind The theories about SLA and language acquisition spring up every couple of years. The changes in this field have been quite crucial and still proceed. Skehan presents here the psycholinguitic perspective of SLA with the psychological processes responsible for the language learning process and language use. SLA depends, according to his theory, not only on successful cognitive processes but also individual differences of the learners, the setting they are working in and implemented tasks. Skehan is in favor of TBL and gives an account of that by illustrating how given tasks may enhance and not hinder those psycholinguistic aspects leading to the successful SLA process. Skehan's book is informative and analytic and may be a valuable resource for someone interested in the field. But I would't recommend it for a freshman, at the beginning I found it no-really-reading-friendly (I think that Susan M. Grass's book is more readable). As I acquired knowledge and got used to Skehan's way of thinking and presenting cases, the book started to be quite useful and comprehensive.