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Tell No One: A Novel

Tell No One - Harlan Coben ***Flavored with Mystery First strike. This was the first Coben's book I've read and I loved it! I was literally glued to book pages and read "Tell no One" till 3 am cause I had to know the ending (which I won't reveal here;) ). The plot construction is classical - something happened in the past (wife missing) and the main character can't come to terms with this situation. And then something happens (blast!) - a message from his dead wife. Shocked Doc is confused, his thoughts full of uncertainties are bombed with disbelief and incomprehension. The story begins. Doc wants, NO, he Needs to know the truth but this disclosure may be dangerous and even fatal as some past top secrets come to light. So the game begins. As I mentioned the construction is typical for mystery-thriller genre but the way the plot is led is excellent. Many twist and turns, unexpected dead ends, characters, fast paced language (can language be fast-paced?). I finished the story satisfied with an aftertaste of Good Mystery Fiction but with hunger of more. So I kept reading:)