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Book is the best accessory for a book lover but you can go the whole hog all day long!

Bookish accessories are everywhere, absolutely everywhere! And I love them, but that's hell of a shopping list if I'd like to have all of them! I've chosen several aspects of my life where book symbol could appear: meals, clothes, home and work. Bookish accessories all day long!



Where to begin? Culinary branch is really creative not only with food a la book, here cakes and cupcakes are most popular but also with porcelain inspired by literature. But if you would like to follow more hipster style and go further, you can prepare meal based on you favorite story. Such books as The Book Lover's Cookbook and Fictitious Dishes can help you in creating a literary feast with recipes and even food arrangement.

Bookish porcelain and meal aka Alice in Wonderland by Fictitious Dishes


Yummy literary cupcakes


Clothes & Accessories

If your belly is full, it’s time to dress up. Did I say that culinary branch is creative? Whoaa, those designers and people dealing with clothing are full of ideas. Not to mention all different kinds of accessories and jewelry! According to stats women read a lot more than men but bookish pieces of clothes are clearly visible in both wardrobes. Plus the kids.


The choice is big and varies from socks, tights, t-shirts, coats, skirts, dresses, trousers, even shoes! In the matter of fact you can find every single item of clothing with bookish patterns. Bookish fashion also hit the catwalk so if you’re crazy enough, you can even dress up into dress made of paper by designers. 

Bookish clothes and accessories


At work

When you’re finally ready to go out you can still have books on your brain, including workplace (I don’t count those who are happy enough to earn by reading and writing and thus thinking about books constantly :) ).


Who can work without enormous coffee mug, phone or computer today? Nobody. At least not me. And they can be really surprising even for book lovers :-) 

Bookish mugs, phone, laptop, usb drive and... paper laptop


At home

Architects and house designers adore book lovers and present many inspirational projects with bookish furnitures and bookish home solutions, including stairs, walls, armchairs and bed made of books or book-themed materials. I love lamp made of maps! Who needs maps, if there's Google Map? ;-) Modern book lover’s design includes strange looking bookshelves (shelf constructions rather), literary posters and wallpapers and some amazing book art. 


Bathroom tiles with book theme, book lamps, book end, shelves


And when you come back home it's always nice to lay down in your bed and read, not necessarily book in it's traditional form.  

Bookish bed (OMG!!!) and linen with a story


Wow. That's really overwhelming. I could go on like that endlessly all day long. Books are lively used in all fields and branches, just to add holiday ornaments and whole reading/writings accessories segment. That makes quite a collection! I think that having all of them would be too much of good things making me disliking bookish theme at some point (hopefully not the books) that's why I would stick only to several.


My personal collection of bookish accessories is rather unimpressive, I can think only of bookish badges. After all the book is the best accessory for a book lover. I'll stick with that. And maybe several bookish posters and pieces of jewellery ;-)