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How to Get A New Kindle? - Case Study


1. Have parents who love books, especially mum who just loves reading and keeping herself busy with the new titles.


2. Have mum who loves all kind of books: paper books, audiobooks, ebooks - never mind,  just give me a book


3. Show your mum your super-duper device which can store more books than a house library, and carry more titles than a travel bag. 


4. Oh, so you would like to try it out for some longer time? Sure, you can have it. I'll pick it up next time I visit you. 


5. Observe (in my case, listen to) how your mum falls in love with and e-reader.


Oh, I can read at night and don't wake up your dad. Oh, I can upload as many books as I want. Oh, your dad and I can read two different books using the same tool. It's so brilliant!



6. Leave the Kindle for a little longer.


Oh, my uncle (my mum's brother) is coming and he's got a Kindle too. But the older one. So you would like to compare it with the Paperwhite? Sure, have it. Oh, and you've uploaded new books to my Kindle? Great. And you know how to recharge the Kindle with your phone charger. Smart. 



7. Answer the phone and nod:


You know what, I got so used to this Paperwhite, this light thing is awesome, and now I know how to use it, bookmark books and so on. I definitely don't want the older version. So...



Wait for it



8. ... would you order a Paperwhite for me? 


9. Sure mum. Not a problem. 


10. Make a call. Mum listen, I've ordered the Paperwhite but since you've got used to mine and you've loaded new books there maybe just keep it, and I'll take the new one. Is it a deal? 


11. Sure honey. 


12. Open an inbox:

"Your Amazon.com order of "Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High..." and 1 more item has shipped!"